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Nitrox Tools app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 1568 ratings )
Sports Productivity
Developer: Greg Mclaughlin
5.99 USD
Current version: 1.8, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 11 Jul 2008
App size: 3.03 Mb

Enriched Air Nitrox blending and planning tools in your hand and available at a touch. You can use these tools at your air station to provide the information you need to fill a Nitrox tank from any existing mix (or empty). Dive Planning tools provide your Equivalent Air Depth, PPO2 at your planned depth, Maximum & Contingency Operating Depth at various oxygen partial pressures and the "best mix" for a planned depth and oxygen partial pressure.

Traveling on a boat or working out of network range? These tools are at hand any time you have your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can easily switch between Metric and Imperial/U.S. systems of measurement to adapt to a new fill station. The dive planning tools also support both salt and fresh water calculations.

Chances are you regularly work with a specific set of mixes and and common dive situations. Nitrox Tools includes the convenience of saved settings that you can recall at a touch and adjust to a new situation as needed. You can also select mix values using pre-installed default mixes or your own saved custom mixes. You simply tap the "Mixes" button when you are setting a mix to see a list of saved mixes that you can use directly by tapping on them. You can save the current mix displayed on the mix picker wheels by tapping the "+" button. Just like with the saved calculations, you can re-arrange or delete any mixes in your saved list.

Do you need to share your planning or blending calculations with other divers? All the tools have the ability to e-mail the results of the calculations using the iPhones built in Mail applications. You can enter the addresses and subject directly in Mail or set initial values in Nitrox Tools settings tab that will be transfered to the Mail application.

Nitrox Tools supports a number of blending methods:

• Top Up - blend a final mix from starting mix and pressure using 100% oxygen and air or any available topping mix.

• Bleed Down - save expensive oxygen and valuable time by easily calculating how much gas to bleed from an existing cylinder to switch to a different mix using air or any available topping mix.

• Mix + Mix - make a specific final mix using the remaining gas in the cylinder and mixing that with banked Nitrox (rather than pure oxygen) and air or another topping mix. This enables the blending of Nitrox without the use of pure oxygen for certain combinations of mixes. Avoiding pure oxygen may increase the safety of the blending process and help manage the cost.

• Top Off - determine the expected result from topping an existing cylinder with air or some other topping mix. This situation is common when a diver wants to have the blender top the mix remaining from the first dive with air from the boats compressor.

Remember you must always personally analyze your mix before diving it.

This application is not a substitute for proper training and should not be used as a substitute for proper dive planning or the primary Nitrox blending and planning methods taught during training. Please do not attempt to handle high pressure oxygen or fill SCUBA cylinders without proper training.

Pros and cons of Nitrox Tools app for iPhone and iPad

Nitrox Tools app good for

This is the tool I was searching for. Before I used a selfmade excel table on my Win*** Mobile phone. Now with my Ipod touch everything gets better 8-))
This is a good reference tool for enriched air divers. 4 stars just because I need a bit more functions.
Great app for mixing gases like Nitrox with precision. I have used it while traveling to insure proper mixes and it worked like a charm. Also nice for dive planning when you are not around your dive computer or your laptop and enjoying a little "decompression time" with your mates.
Fully functional and at any divers fingertips!! Fabulous settings!!
This is a very nice and simple app useful for any nitrox diver, and especially for those who blend their own mixes.
Now the only thing missing on my iPhone is a Dive Planner. RDP and advanced. Let me know when that happens. 8 Friends of mine waiting for that :) Good job.

Some bad moments

I paid $6 for this application but havent had a chance to test it because it crashes right away. Its version 1.0 so I hope they fix this problem soon. Hoping for an update.
Used to be a fantastic utility. Now it crashes incessantly making it useless. Pity...